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Prof Chen Seng-Syan :‘Keep Striving - Life is All about’
2018年12月15日 (六)

by Hsiao-Yu Lin (林曉愉)/Campus Reporter

The Finance Department’s Chair Professor, Chen Seng-Syan(陳聖賢) , won the 62nd Social Science Academic Award from the Ministry of Education. Although balancing a life of research and teaching is quite tight, Professor Chen Seng-Syan said with a smile: "Life is a continuous striving forward!"

Professor Chen Seng-Syan ’s research results are substantial, yet because he is interested in his research and is able to contribute to society, he finds joy in doing research. He believes that research can help teaching, and that NCCU is the top humanities and social sciences university in Taiwan. He thinks that research requires a certain standard of quality, while being able to do good teaching was also the ambition that he set in college. Chen Seng-Syan feels that if he can guide students' research so that they can realize their full potential, he has achieved his greatest accomplishment in teaching.

During his many years of teaching, Professor Chen Seng-Syan encouraged his students to plan out their future before graduation. Graduate students also need to think about their future direction. He said that in the fields of humanities, law, and business, National Taiwan University (NTU) and NCCU’s graduates are the most likely to be promoted and selected for jobs. In addition to student’s grades, other achievements such as leadership, independent work ability, and other special qualities are important factors. It takes effort to strengthen one’s potential in order to be selected.

Professor Chen Seng-Syan said that maybe the environment is not good, but it doesn't mean everything is bad. There is always a place for you. If you work hard when you are young, you can create higher value for yourself within the environment. Maybe you have different ideas at each stage, but still push yourself forward, because life is a continuous striving forward.


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